Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tell Florida And The Satanists: Absolutely NO Satanic Christmas Display!!

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The Satanists, from the Satanic Temple in New York City, are attempting to erect a satanic Christmas display at the Florida Capitol.

And that’s why I am sending you this Protest Petition, and urging you to click on the link below and stop this from happening.

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Listen: Yes, this is exactly the same group which we protested against when they attempted to have a Satanic Black Mass at Harvard.

And we shut them down!

Let’s shut them down again! Let’s not allow them to desecrate the true meaning of Christmas with a Satanic display on state property in Florida.

According to the latest press reports they have applied to get their Christmas display approved for showing in the Florida Statehouse rotunda. Read this:

“…a spokesman for the New York-based temple — which threatened a lawsuit after last year’s proposed display was deemed “grossly offensive” — says the group will again apply.

And listen again: in 2013 they “sought to add a large diorama of an angel falling into a lake of fire, with the diorama proclaiming, ‘Happy Holidays from the Satanic Temple.’”

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But what about the officials in Florida?

Incredible as it may sound:

Press reports state:

“Rather than institute a new policy that would limit displays, as some expected, the state Department of Management Services is trying to make the application process easier for groups seeking to put up temporary displays in the Capitol complex.”

The state of Florida must be put on notice! This cannot happen.
This blatant attempt to mock such a sacred holy day as Christmas will NOT, for the love of God, go unopposed.
That’s why I urge you to:

Click here to send your Protest Petition!

And after you sign your Protest Petition, copies will be rushed to:
l Honorable Rick Scott, Governor of Florida
l Florida Department of Management Services, Office of the Secretary

Here is your chance to peacefully protest a Christmas blasphemy that goes against everything that true Americans hold sacred.

Please use all peaceful and legal means to prevent the proposed application of The Satanic Temple for its “Christmas” display from taking place.

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