Thursday, July 10, 2014

For The Love Of Our Lady Of Fatima We Really Need A Little Help Getting Our Rosary Rally Caller Volunteers To Our Kansas Office

…please, just a little

Our Lady Has Given
Us The Caller Volunteers
Now We Must Get Them To Kansas

And I know you understand the great importance of this year’s Rosary Crusade.

So, please, would you be able to give just $33…symbolically, a dollar for each year of Our Lord’s life?

We very much suspected that you would NOT be able to donate the $1050, even though you have been so very generous to us with your ‘wallet and purse strings’ in the past. It was a lot to ask, but thanks to Our Lady, some of our friends have been blessed enough to have given that amount.

But it still wasn’t what is needed.

And, I can NOT say this strongly enough:  no one questions your love of Our Lady and your commitment to her Rosary Rallies.

And so, I have a special favor to ask of you today, because our request for a full sponsorship did not meet the need.

I urgently need everyone who opens this email to please donate JUST $33 each (tax deductible) to help sponsor a Rosary Rally Caller Volunteer to Kansas.

Actually, to give you an ‘equivalency’ of what your $33 donation gets done for our Caller Volunteers, it would pay for about 60% of the cost of a full tank of gas to-and-from our Call Center in Rossville, Kansas, to MCI airport in Kansas City for picking up and dropping off our Rosary Rally Caller Volunteers.

We’ve run the numbers and that donation amount would, if everyone who opens this email donated, put us very close to taking care of our fundraising for the Caller Volunteers.

Of course, usually not everyone who opens an email can give a donation, so if Our Lady has put a few extra coins in your pocket recently, I’m absolutely certain you will do the best you can and she will not be outdone in rewarding you.

Please Click Here if you are ready to help sponsor a caller volunteer.

Or if you are unable to donate $33 right now, please give $17 (tax deductible). That will buy 1/4 tank of gas for the dozens and dozens of trips back and forth to the Kansas City airport to pick up and drop off the volunteers.

Nevertheless, whatever you can afford will be an immense contribution to Our Lady’s Public Square Rosary Crusade.  No gift is too small!

To see our full financial disclosure, click here.

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