Friday, July 4, 2014

Mayor of Padua, Italy, Bans Muslim Prayers in Public Buildings

Christian Action Network ^ | 7/2/2014

“Hands off the crucifixes or you will be in trouble,” says controversial Northern League mayor, Massimo Bitonci, as he embarks on a ‘new crusade’ in favor of placing a crucifix in all schools and public buildings…while banning Muslim prayer in them. The first Venetian citizen in fact announced that the municipality will worry to buy and to supply all schools and public offices of crucifixes needed that should be exposed. “Now in all buildings and schools there will be quite a mandatory crucifix given by the municipality. And woe betide anyone who touches “Bitonci explained from his facebook profile, on...

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  1. Congratulations and good on the mayor!
    Until the day we are allowed to build Catholic churches in Mecca, we should not permit mosques, masjids, or other instruments of a hateful religion in Italy.