Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Road-weary for God -- TFP volunteers hit the streets of Louisiana & Texas to end abortion

After spending many long, hot days holding signs on the busiest streets of Louisiana and Texas, the team is road-weary, tired, and really sunburned.

But despite all those hardships, their spirit is high. Joyful. Even enthusiastic. And ready for more in order to end abortion forever in America.

Read what happened at the stop in New Orleans:

Overwhelming Pro-Life Support in Louisiana

When we stopped in Lafayette, Louisiana the response was just amazing. I don't recall hearing so many honks against abortion in any other location. For hours and hours, virtually every single vehicle that passed our display honked with joy and support.

The liberal media won't tell you this, but Americans everywhere want abortion to end. We meet them every day. It's real. And most encouraging.

Speaking of Louisiana, there is another issue of great concern that I wanted to tell you about.

The Louisiana Supreme Court is attacking the Seal of Confession. If the Court get its way, Catholic priests will be forced by the government to either betray their vow of secrecy or rot in jail for their fidelity to their vocation.

Here's the TFP statement on the issue:

Break the Seal of Confession or Rot in Jail

Thank you so much for your continued support, prayers and friendship. Together we can do great things for God.

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