Monday, July 28, 2014

A True Story: Of Convicts And Rosaries

America Needs Fatima receives a vast amount of correspondence from our members.

I have asked our organizer of correspondence to keep an eye out for their Stories of Mary and Stories of the Rosary in their lives when they share such things with us.

Here’s one such example…really inspiring of faith in Our Lady and her desire for us to pray her rosary and spread it, thus spreading devotion to her Immaculate Heart…God’s key reason for sending Mary to Fatima and His devotion of choice for bringing an end to the rule of sin in our world.

“One day, we saw the inmates starting to gather around the beds. We thought that something was about to happen for that’s what they do when a fight is about to break out. We alerted other officers and the group [of inmates] kept growing.”

…full story (a 3 minute read)

Pray a rosary in public. If you have not already signed up as a 2013 Public Square Rosary Rally captain to lead and pray for America at 12 noon, Saturday, October 12th, will you please pray on it?

A red rose will be placed at Fatima, Portugal, in your name.

It’s easy to do. All it takes is a few people praying the Rosary in a public place.

If you have not yet signed up, it’s so easy:

1)  MORE INFORMATION About Becoming a Rosary Rally Captain

2)  Sign-Up to become a Rosary Rally Captain

Thank you, and may God bless you!

P.P.S.  If you are unsure about becoming a Rosary Rally Captain and you would like to talk to someone about it, please get the very best help, advice, and suggestions from our pleasant and dedicated staff by calling:


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