Monday, July 28, 2014

Protest th​e blasphemou​s show "Black Jesus" that portrays Our Lord Jesus Christ as a pot smoker

They are blaspheming Our Lord again!

The American Family Association recently brought this to my attention. According to press reports the Cartoon Network will run the live action show "Black Jesus" that portrays Our Redeemer as someone who:

   • Uses profanities
   • Is accused of smoking pot, and
   • Uses vulgar gestures.

Please protest this blasphemous portrayal of Our Lord.

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This show portrays a false Jesus. The true Jesus was stern against sin, but kind and merciful to the repentant sinner.
For example, Jesus expelled the vendors from the temple, but also held little children on His lap and cured lepers.

He never used foul words or endorsed sinful lifestyles.
"Black Jesus" is a blasphemous portrayal of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So, please send your instant e-protest immediately.

Click Here To Send Your Instant E-Protest

It only takes a few moments.  And please offer a prayer of reparation.  It is the least we can do to defend God's honor.

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