Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Federal Judge Bans High School Nativity: Will You Please Speak Up and Sign this Protest?

Sign your urgent protest here without delay.

The persecution is here.  And your protest petition is vital.

Federal judge Jon E. DeGuilio just banned the Baby Jesus, Mary and the Three Kings from a high school Christmas show in Elkhart, Indiana.

Fox News reports:
"The court order forbids students from presenting a live Nativity scene during the Concord High School’s Christmas Spectacular. The judge said that portion of the show is overtly religious in nature."

The Elkhart Truth adds:
"A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction that prevents Concord High School from presenting its live Nativity scene until a final ruling has been made in the lawsuit."
The high school "will not be permitted to organize, rehearse or present any Nativity scene," the news report explains.
Behind the attack is The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU. They filed a lawsuit against the school where children have been performing the Christmas show since 1970.

So will you stand up for the Baby Jesus?
Every person of good will should.
Please do:

By signing your urgent protest to defend the live Nativity
Please -- This is America.  Not communist Cuba. 
So use your voice while you still can.
Christmas, Yes.  Secularism, No.

If you and I don't peacefully and legally push back against this new persecution -- the open and ruthless war on Christmas and its true meaning -- then things will only get worse fast.
Protest here

And share this link:

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Thank you for defending the Holy Family this Christmas.
May the Infant Jesus and His Blessed Mother send you a treasure of blessings and graces this Holy Season.
TFP team

The protest reads:
The Honorable Jon E. DeGuilio
United States District Court Judge
South Bend, Indiana
As a person who cherishes true freedom, I respectfully yet vehemently oppose your anti-Christian injunction against the live Nativity at Concord High School's Christmas Spectacular.  To remove Christ from Christmas is to gut the meaning of Christmas altogether.  America is "one nation under God" and I pray the freedom to honor the Baby Jesus will be restored to Concord High School soon.

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