Saturday, December 5, 2015

“Prodigal son solution” not politics can save America


Prodigal Son 2 14 2013 AZ Large Version

Fed up with half baked solutions for our economy from Washington?

Lost your trust in politicians?

Trust in God to save America if we turn to Him in our time of need and ask for help and pardon?

After 20 years of research, author John Horvat II explains in his new book Return to Order, the  real moral cause of America’s crisis and outlines hopeful and effective solution – the “Prodigal Son Solution”.

Return to Order will help you:

· Understand and explain why America’s economy is in meltdown

· Find inspiring real solutions based on organic Christian principles

· Take effective action to help stop socialism and restore America

Return to Order is not a "how-to survive the coming collapse” manual. Rather, it is a catechism of principles that can restore economic and social peace to America. If you believe America is worth fighting for, this book is for you.

Order you’re a free copy here:

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