Friday, December 16, 2011

Pro-aborts ousted from Peruvian government posts

by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

December 14, 2011 ( - Peruvian president Ollanta Humala has ousted at least two major pro-abortion feminists from his administration in a move against the leftists who helped to bring him to power.

Among those who have left their posts in recent days is Women’s Minister Aida Garcia Naranjo, who was reportedly pushing for the decriminalization of abortion in the country.

In the same administration sweep, pro-abortion activist and obstetrician Susana Chavez has resigned from her position after several controversial months as advisor to the vice-minister of health.

The resignations appear to be part of a larger shake-up of the executive branch by President Humala, who appears to be rejecting his leftist constituency in favor of a more centrist and pro-business approach.

The appointments of Chavez, who was previously the director of the pro-abortion Center for the Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Rights (PROMSEX), and Garcia Naranjo, who openly used her position to advance a pro-abortion agenda, sparked protests from Peruvian pro-lifers earlier this year.

Peru Defends Life (Peru Defiende la Vida) complained, “although she indicated that she is against abortion, the current Women’s Minister, Aída García Naranjo, has called on pro-abortion activists, the most rancid and ideological of Peruvian feminism, to occupy key positions in this department.”

As LifeSiteNews reported in 2007, Chavez’ PROMSEX is one of several groups in Peru agitating for the creation of a “protocol for therapeutic abortion.” The protocol is a list of numerous illnesses that would give doctors a pre-existing medical excuse for performing abortions on their patients, and open the door to government funding for abortion in Peru.  They have not yet achieved their goal.

Following Chavez’ appointment in August pro-lifers held a protest outside of the health ministry offices, chanting “Get rid of Susana!”, “Abortion isn’t health!” and “No to abortion, yes to life!” according to the Catholic news agency ACI Prensa.

The United for Life and Family National Committee, a pro-life organization, also directly requested the firing of Chavez from Alberto Tejada, the current health minister.

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