Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Can We Turn America Around?

Since you love America, you’re probably wondering where we might find leaders to turn things around. The answer is surprising. It is precisely in times like ours that true leaders emerge.

My colleague Norman Fulkerson and I address this very issue in the piece: Turning Things Around in Our Lifetime

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See, I spent 20 years of my life researching the root cause and real solution to America’s crisis. What I found was astonishing.

It’s all explained in great detail in my book, but in a few words, what I found was this:

America’s economic meltdown is NOT economic

Our problems are really moral and spiritual, which spill over into the economy. But the root problem lies deep within the soul and thrives in a warped culture of unrestraint, where God has been pushed aside.

And our leaders don’t get it. They talk about economics as if they were unrelated to the deeper moral problems that caused them. Deep down, they don’t bring God into the solution.

As a consequence, our inadequate leadership is running the country into the ground. We’re now on the verge of a collapse. But hardly anyone has the courage to say:

America has sinned deeply and urgently needs the God Solution.

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by John Horvat II

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