Monday, October 12, 2015

How To Take Advantage Of Rally Graces


Your Rosary Rally Caused America To Shudder And The Angels And Saints

To Sigh With Holy Envy!

Now Please Tell Our Lady You’ll Do It Again Next Year!

Yes! O Mary, Sweet Mother.

I will lead a Public Rosary Rally again in October, 2016.

Our Lady is smiling upon you because you were a Public Square Rosary Captain!

Thank you for a most excellent job!

You number among the very select group of 14,108 Public Square Rosary Captains this year.

And what you accomplished was amazing! Simply amazing!

Yesterday, October 10th, Catholics from Alaska to Puerto Rico, from Maine to California prayed the Rosary in a public place to Our Lady together…in reparation for the terrible sins of our nation and to save souls who are cascading toward Hell.

And our rallies brought America and the world one HUGE step closer to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. But now all that is history – history written in the Book of Life. What about next year? We must march on.

That is why, with so many graces fresh in your soul, I’m cordially inviting you – and urging you to…

      Please tell Our Lady you’ll do it again next year.

Advance Registration for 2016 Rosary Rally Captains

      I am praying that your answer will be a firm: Yes!

      And you can take that step right now -- simply by going here: Public Square Rosary Captain Advance Registration

      I must depend on you. Because the 2016 Public Square Rosary Rallies will be even more important than this year’s. And let me quickly tell you why this is true:

      You see, there is a terrible trend that is building up…

            ...God’s Ten Commandments are being ignored, even maliciously disobeyed...

            ...Unspeakable blasphemies are being committed...

            ...The Socialist philosophy and attitude is taking over the minds of too many Americans and destroying our Christian social, moral, and business traditions.

     And quite sadly, ominous storm clouds have accumulated and now threaten more than ever.

      The radical homosexual agenda is fast gaining ground backed by activist judges, the liberal media, and the powers of the federal government. They have overturned the most sacred and basic law of God’s Marriage.

      Sadly, the silence of so many Catholics enables such sins as same-sex “marriage” and the teaching of homosexual sin to innocent young children in schools in more and more states.

Children Are The Next Victims of the Homosexual “Rights” Agenda.

Please Be a Rosary Captain for Our Lady in 2016

      In 2014, researchers from prominent American universities held a meeting where their agenda was to "normalize" the sin of pedophilia. And here is what they decided:

They decided that it is normal for pedophiles to be sexually attracted to children and molest innocent children!

And that pedophiles are unfairly victimized by stigma and mean words, and that they never force children to perform unnatural acts, and that they are gentle and loving. Can we accept that? Their goal is to "mainstream" pedophilia!

      We can't let that happen! And one way you can help wake up the American people to this threat is by making the 2016 Public Square Rosary Crusade even BIGGER than it was this year.

Be a Rosary Captain for Our Lady in 2016

      Because Our Lady’s Rosary is the solution. The Rosary is more powerful than all these sins.

      In many more cases than you are aware of, the public who observed your public rosary were touched by grace. Sometimes visibly. Sometimes hidden.

      Of course, I don’t know if everything went like clock work at your rally, or if you had difficulties, but regardless, I know you have felt Our Lady’s powerful assistance today.

      Some captains had large rallies with hundreds in attendance, some had much smaller crowds, and some had only a few. And in some cases you might have been the only one!

      Regardless of your turnout, I am confident that Our Lady is immensely pleased with your profound act of love for Her.

      And I’m sure that as a result of being a Public Square Rosary Captain, you feel much closer to Our Lady.

Please believe me when I say that, in my eyes, you are one of the precious jewels in the crown of Our Lady. Out of a country of 320 million, you are one of a few who love Our Lady more than self, more than human respect.

And now, I must ask you -- while the graces received from Our Lady are still fresh in your heart, please sign up to become a captain again for 2016.

      Our 2016 rallies will take place on Saturday, October 15, and as always, at12:00 Noon local time.

      And I am urging you to sign up as a 2016 Public Square Rosary Captain right now, because it:

  • gives you plenty of time to prepare and gather people for next year’s rally
  • allows us more time and energy to enlist new captains
  • saves precious funds that can be used to spread the Rosary and the Fatima message

      So please don’t put it off. Don’t wait until right before the battle to join Our Lady’s spiritual army of rally captains.

      Instead, please enlist now and begin the “spiritual boot camp” preparing for next year’s rallies.

Be a Rosary Captain for Our Lady in 2016

      And in the meantime, you may want to:

  • gather friends in your home to read, pray, and plan for the Public Square Rosary Crusade of 2016
  • display your banner and pray the Rosary in front of an abortion clinic
  • do a monthly rally as a build-up to your rally in 2016

      The great advantage of doing a monthly rosary rally is that you will be a very VISIBLE beacon of light and faith in your community to help save souls from going to Hell in droves.

      But most importantly, it’s key to NOT lose the enthusiasm that the graces you received from your rosary rally brought to you. Without acting upon graces we receive from Our Lady, the impact and holy impulses fade quickly. We should instead pray and work to keep those graces growing and bearing more fruit.

      Finally, please don’t let the devil discourage you. I refer to the difficulties and obstacles that you may have had in 2015 that the devil will try to use to discourage you from being a captain in 2016.

      Instead, offer your sufferings to Our Lady and forge ahead. She will console you. Who knows how many conversions your efforts will bring?

      Please let me know today if you will be a Public Square Rosary Captain next year.

Be a Rosary Captain for Our Lady in 2016

      Thank you!

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