Monday, January 11, 2010

ANF members write and comment

Re: Our Lady won in New Jersey

Dear Robert and ANF, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news with me.  I live in Texas yet this is such great news for me and all of our brothers and sisters here fighting for God’s laws to be protected and upheld.

Your message has been the best news I have heard in a while, and it has made my day a lot better.  Thanks be to God.

Let us continue to work, fast and pray for the conversion and salvation of souls!

All for Jesus, through our blessed Mother Mary!



This is an amazing victory!!  Thank you for mobilizing action and prayer.  I am currently visiting family in the UK and could only participate by prayer.

The Lord cannot be defeated

In Christ,



RE:  Suffering and sign of the elect


Dear Mr. Ritchie,

Thank you so much for this message of hope.  My children and myself have all been sick since Christmas--we have 8 prescriptions for antibiotics now!!  This message makes it all worth while.  I read it to the children and it brought them consolation, too.  Except for my one daughter Regina who is well and taking care of the rest of us; I had to reassure her that her suffering is to serve others!!

Thank you again for your tireless apostolate.

In Jesu et Maria,



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