Monday, January 11, 2010

Please pray that Our Lady protects Slovenia from the homosexual agenda

RE: God's Marriage Won - THANK YOU!

Dear Robert Ritchie,

I'm very glad to hear about glorious victory for traditional marriage in New Jersey. Yes, it's true, that I never in my entire life didn’t pray for such kind of things and this was for the first time.

Why? Because in our country, SLOVENIA, one of the ex Yugoslav republic, our state institutions have the same intentions as you had in New Jersey. In December 2009 our government gave in the procedure in to our parliament the new Family Codification, that proposes:

- the marriage of same sex partners, which should become identical as traditional marriage;

- the same sex partners and their (?) child form family, identical as traditional family;

- the same sex partners can adopt children.

The government insists on this despite over 80% of Slovenian people contradict such solutions.

Some of our citizens have formed a civil initiative that has prepared a petition for saving the traditional family and children rights. This petition has been already underwritten by over 35.000 Slovenian people, unfortunately not enough to change the government’s intentions.

I use this contact to ask all persons that follow your movement to focus some of their prays also to protect small Slovenian nation (2.000.000 people) from such destructive intentions as they are included in new family codification. The Slovenian nation prays to the Blessed Virgin Mary to protect it from moral destruction that comes into the nation step by step – and this family law is just one more devil’s try. We believe that we are under the special protection of Our Lady and your victory in New Jersey proves that we can count on Her also in Slovenia.

I ask all the people of good will to pray to the God and the Blessed Virgin Mary for protection of our Slovenian nation from same sex “rights “invasion, from the law solutions that are not good neither for nation, neither for the children.

Slovenia is on the top among the European countries regarding suicides and divorces and on the very low down regarding births. And we really have no need for same sex “marriages” and same sex adoptions that brings nothing to the prosperity of the nation.

God bless everyone in America and all over the world that pray for us.

Sincerely in Jesu et Maria



Slovenia, Europe

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