Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Re: TFP Volunteer Assaulted: Video Clip Tells Story

Please tell Elias that I will offer my current sufferings up for him (Lyme disease sufferer) to remain strong and vigilant and to persevere in the fight to save marriage! Remember, Elias, you are out there representing those who are too ill to be out there or you are standing for those who agree with you but sadly lack the courage. Keep up the great work! And please pray for my nephew also named Elias to come to the Way, Truth and the Life, Jesus Christ! Thank you Mother Mary for Elias and his fellow men!!   

See video here:



OJ has left a new comment on your post "A new SATANIC movie and how to fight it":

Everyone may want to review the theme and plot of the new videogame coming out called Bayonetta.

It travels down a similar path as that of 'Legion' ie.) the hero is a witch, she battles angels, and her and other witches seem to get most of their powers from the demons in hell---oh yes, according to the wikipedia synopsis allusions are made to Dante's Divine Comedy, but not in the Christian framework (I'm sure).


WMO has left a new comment on your post "A new SATANIC movie and how to fight it":

I found your blog on Google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


I have sent this email of protest to all my friends, Catholic, and non-Catholic, and pray that they protest, too!  I will be saying a Rosary every morning, as well as the Divine Mercy prayer.  Thank you very much for these emails to fight blasphemous and insulting remarks to our Lady and Jesus Christ.


I understand your anger with Sony but they are releasing Legion as a fictional work.  It is not meant to harm anyone's faith, more so if someone is that gullible to believe anything in this movie they should be allowed to leave a padded cell for the rest of their life. 

They have every right to release this movie just as they released Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, they are just trying to make money, the same way as the Catholic church is in business to make money, I am a Catholic myself but believe that the church has done more harm to itself than any movie could 
ever do. 

Additionally, you are very quick to judge Sony for releasing this movie but make no mention of the titles they have released in the past the spread a positive pro-Christian message such as Faith like Potatoes, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants.  Good luck in your quest because I will be seeing this movie on opening night because they will not cancel any showings.


Here’s my answer to the sophism in the message above:

Legion is actually worse than fiction — it’s blasphemy!  God gave us imagination to honor Him, not to blaspheme Him.  We must use our imagination to seek truth, to better understand God’s Creation and the dogmas of our faith.  The writer of Legion misuses his imagination to attack God and the Catholic faith.

Our English word “blasphemy” comes from the Greek word “blasphémia”, meaning “to profane,” “to speak evil of.” Our English definition builds on this.  So blasphemy means the mockery of God or holy things.  Legion is blasphemous because it insults the idea of God’s Providence and the dogmas of the Catholic Church. And, of course we shouldn’t forget Legion insults St. Michael the Archangel too.

The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ and was founded by Him to save souls, NOT to make money.    How much money did the millions of martyrs make by shedding their blood to save souls?  How much money did all the missionaries make who died in foreign lands to save pagans?

I have not seen the Sony movies you list as having pro-Christian messages.  But even if this is true, it does not give them the right to blaspheme God, the angels and the Catholic faith in Legion.

Sorry you are going to see the movie because blasphemy doesn’t pay off in this life or in the next.

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