Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What people are writing to America Needs Fatima

Subject: Re: God's Marriage Won - THANK YOU!

Thanks Be To God and The Virgin of Fatima, we will have to continue offering up our prayers and fasting, and as Our lady said "Finally My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph"  Thank you for sending me that wonderful news, it has started my morning bright.

Have a Blessed day. 



God Bless you for all your hard work as well. You give us Franciscans great courage and support.  Mary is so good and compassionate.   May St. Maximilian intercede for us. 

In the Immaculate, your friends at Marytown, Our Lady of Fatima Friary, Libertyville Illinois.
The Friars


Dear Mr. Ritchie,

Your political involvement in issues such as "same s e x" marriage illustrates where your priorities lie. I see very little that is Christ-like in your position. Someone who is confident and secure in God's power and generous in His love would recognize that those who are petitioning for these superficial issues are misguided, and need spiritual support, not bureaucratic censure. You behave as a man who is threatened by something bigger than himself, and perhaps you are. Those who seek "same s e x" marriage are looking for affirmation of their love, and you appear to be looking only for victory in your political views. I don't recognize your God - he's petty and mean spirited.




Dear Bigott -  If you think DENYING HUMAN RIGHTS  to legally sanctioned stable relationships and love between same sex adults is doing the work of the  Blessed Mother, you are VERY seriously mistaken.  May our Lady of Fatima  triumph in awakening the LOVE in your hearts to accept all people regardless of sexual orientation.  Get with the program bigots.  Religion is about LOVE -  not fascist withholding of the same legal protection that gay and lesbian people are as much entitled to as yourselves.


Dear Plinio, I just wanted to share my thank you from my heart in reading your vision of the Nativity.

It is written so beautifully, I can literally see all the events unfolding. God bless you with your work and may you continue to be a fine contender for the Faith that was once for all times delivered unto the saints.  Amen,



I just read Ten Reasons To Oppose Same Sex "Marriage."  It was well thought out well written and, I say as lucid a defense of tradition as one would expect from Hillare Belloc or G.K. Chesterton or even Prof. Plinio.

Well said!!!
H.  (Chaplain)

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