Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What ANF members are saying about the "Christian" elephants in India story

Dear Mr. Ritchie, just read the "Christian Elephants" article.  It is most interesting.  We've heard  that the elephant is a highly intelligent animal with a great memory capacity and often take take vengeance, when evil is done to them.  But this case is different, and this event is certainly an unexplainable "mystery".  Let's not forget that animals are part of God's creatures, and some times their perception is greater than that of humans. 


Dear Mr. Robert Ritchie,

Thank you for sharing an amazing story about the murdered Catholics in India

and the seeming revenge taken by the wild elephants against these soulless perpetrators.

More power to you!



You know, this is almost as bad as the justifications that the early Popes used for the Crusades.  And equally as bad as the people that say that AIDS is God's retribution for being a homosexual.  And the early Jewish beliefs that being childless meant that a woman had committed some serious sin against Yahweh.  Or someone with leprosy had sinned.  Or worse yet a child born handicapped meant that his or her parents had angered God in some way.  ALL PURE RUBBISH!

Being truly Christian would not subscribe to any of these beliefs.  I was raised a Catholic, went to Catholic grade & high school, and have practiced and believe what the Catholic church has taught through the times.  Do I take whatever the Catholic church says literally?  No!  Could I ever in a million years believe that the priests that have been found to have sexually abused children did it because the children or their parents have committed crimes against God? No! 

Do I believe that my leukemia at 23 years old was caused by God due to some sins in my early life?  Absolutely not!  Do I believe that God had a plan for that? Yes!  He had to get my attention by slowing me down a bit.  I was blessed by that occurrence!  I learned more by those events than I ever would have had I not gotten sick.  And I have used that gift to tell hundreds of people about His glory through my illness.  And furthermore, helped many who have seen Our victory (His and mine) over the disease as a glimmer of hope when many patients don't see one.

In researching elephant stampedes, I find that there are many documented instances of the occurrence.  Maybe if man weren't encroaching on their habitat by building useless garbage and destroying the earthly gifts that God has given us on this planet in the name of 'progress', maybe everyone AND everything would be fine living together the way God planned it.  Remember, everything in the Garden was fine until man got greedy and took that first bite.  Since then, it's been a long downhill slide.

BTW, I'm 55 now and a 12 year bone marrow transplant survivor.  And you might want to change the date at the top of the article; it's now 2010.....


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