Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Novena to Our Lady Brings Hope – Other comments from the email

New comment on your post "This is by far the most popular novena I know":

Praying the 3 day novena is all faith in the Blessed Mother and Her Son, Jesus.

My wife who has been chair bound for the past several years due to stoke, Parkinson's Disease and recently broke a big toe. 

It was necessary she be in Long term care as I could no longer care for her at home. 

Today, she has taken 22 steps, a first. 

Mary our Mother will bring her home to walking and not being chair bound.  She is 73 and I am the big 80.

God bless all.



Dear Mr. Ritchie,

You are most welcome.  I always protest any blasphemous and terrible insults to our Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

To not do so would be a sin, in my opinion, and I work on being a good Catholic woman. 

I have sent this protest to all my friends, catholic and non-catholic, and pray that they protest with us, too!  I am also involved with Our Lady of Fatima and was a leader in the Prayer Rally we had back in October. 

I plan to continue every year in October to pray in public to our Blessed Mother for peace, abortion, right to life, denouncement of same-sex marriage, etc. 

Thank you very much for your emails, and I pray that God bless all your endeavors.  Have a blessed week!

In Jesus through Mary,



Dear Robert.

Thanks for your message and for having contacted me, which, no doubt, is heaven sending all this!!

Of course you can count with my cooperation spreading this marvelous web page all around my native country, Colombia, South America, specifically in the city of Medellin, where we are more than 10000 people consecrated to the Holy Heart of our sweet Mother, Mary, through a Catholic institution called "LAZOS DE AMOR MARIANO", which in English is something like "HAIL MARY'S LOVE TIES".

I am forwarding all this messages you have sent me to all my consecrated friends, along with all the info within the web page for ANF, all translated into Spanish.

I bless you in Jesus and Mary, Robert, and wish you all the very best for this new year.


Subject: Re: Nun spent 5 years in Hell - WOW!

Dear Mr. Ritchie,
Glad that you are promoting this book. I read it several years ago and was so impressed! Wonderful book...wonderful Saint.
Thank you for all the good work that you do with America Needs Fatima.


Dear Robert,
Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I had never heard it before. I am very devoted to Our Lady and the Miraculous Medal, which I believe is really a confirmation also of her Immaculate Conception.

I have seen many conversions through the combination of the Miraculous Medal and The Divine Mercy Chaplet.
May the Lord bless you and keep you.
Sincerely in Christ,
PS: Thank you for the updates, especially on the ones about the
desecration of the Most Blessed Sacrament. May God bless you for your efforts to see the Eucharist honored.

Also, thank you for telling us of the different blasphemous things going on so that we can send e-mails, and pray, and hopefully make a difference and see the things of the Lord honored rather than blasphemed.


I would like to thank you for the information I receive that turns my heart and soul. Thank you.

I am one who has turned my back on wealth and position and possession in the third order of the Carmelites.  Your words help me so much to offer my self for the sins of the world.

Thank you.  It is very humbling to hear about those who offer much more than I have ever done, may I do the same when (if) my turn comes.
Peace and God bless.

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