Monday, January 25, 2010

Why you should read the book of Confidence

To the superficial observer, a book specifically destined to increase the confidence of the faithful in God and the Blessed Virgin Mary might seem superfluous.

America is a privileged nation, super abounding in natural riches of all kinds.

Our geographic situation provides us with the good fortune of being in the center of world events.  Our population is tough and productive.

Why, then, is it so vital for us to practice the virtue of confidence in Providence?

The answer is not difficult.  For us to long continue to enjoy the providential favors benefiting their country, we need to continually thank God.

Evidently, nothing pleases a benefactor more than seeing the gratitude with which his gifts are received.  And as gratitude is one of the least practiced of human virtues, it is of great importance to develop it through appropriate reading and meditation.

Moreover, the history of every nation proves that in this valley of tears –thus does St. Bernard qualify man’s earthly existence- everything that pleases us is unstable.

Hence, the appropriateness, or, better said, the necessity for each man to insistently ask our Creator and Redeemer to protect, favor and help him to overcome the terrible spiritual and temporal battles that mark his pilgrimage upon this earth.

Abbé De Saint-Laurent does precisely that in his book about confidence.  This work, flowing with a language rich in supernatural unction, teaches the reader what confidence is, how it should be practiced, and the moral benefits derived therefrom.

Providence bestowed on Fr. De Saint Laurent the gift of speaking directly to souls, making them deeply feel the value of confidence and, in a manner that would not rarely be called miraculous, calming the torments that sometimes shake even the most faithful souls.

His book is a precious spiritual aid.  I emphatically encourage you to get a copy.

May Our Lady, Mediatrix of all graces, grant this little book a large distribution amongst upright and faithful people who sincerely seek after God, their Creator.

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