Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Woman Returns to Confession After 50 Years

We Custodians many times leave a visit without knowing how grace was working inside the souls of the attendees.

In fact, I experienced such a visit in San Francisco, California.

There was nothing unusual about the visit. The small group
that assembled was quiet and attentive. Nothing remarkable seemed to happen, yet grace was moving behind the scenes.

Months later, the hostess of the visit mailed a letter to the America Needs Fatima office in Kansas.

She wrote she had been extremely moved by the statue of
Our Lady of Fatima, and had consequently decided to go back to the Church and confess for the first time in 50 years.

She concluded her letter with, “I feel so blessed she helped me find my way.”

People often ask me if Our Lady has done any miracles through the statue. I answer that no “sensational” type of miracle
has happened with the statue.

However, Scripture teaches us that converting a soul is a miracle, and no small one at that. So the statue, or rather Our Lady through her statue, did a huge miracle in converting the
hostess’ soul after 50 years away from the Church!

Can you imagine living that long away from the Church?

Saint Ignatius says that we should do everything as if everything depended on men, but know full well that everything depends on God, and this is very much the attitude of Fatima Custodians as we travel with Our Lady, for she is the one who does the work.

by Nicholas Mak

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