Friday, January 22, 2010

What's going on in Portugal...and other comments from our readers

When Portugal, the country of Fatima and Our Lady passes such a law, now we know we are in deep trouble......God will be very angry. 

Pray that the good people of Portugal and the Portuguese people will object to this unnatural law and fight it. Sodom and Gomorrah was punished/destroyed for the very same acts.  Jesus Have mercy on us and the whole World! We are supposed to hate the sin and NOT the sinner, But that does not mean we cannot lift our voice and object to same sex MARRIAGE.

Natural 'MARRIAGE" IS only BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. God created Adam and Eve to populate the world with His can same sex do God's will in this situation when they don't have the proper equipment to do it. Jesus I trust in you!!

We need to say the rosary daily according to the pleas of the Blessed Mother!!  PEACE AND GOD BLESS~!~



Thank you for your faithful dedication to our Church and our Lady and to defending God’s design for marriage.  I am sorry, but not surprised to hear of the Assault on Brother Elias.  Please remember that if you are ever harassed or assaulted by the police or other government worker or forced to move from public property, please call me.  I would love the opportunity to defend you.  God bless and again, thank you.



I feel so proud of the young men in the film clip defending marriage.

I was very emotional watching the video.

May the good Lord reward your efforts one hundred fold.



As a graduate of De Paul University I was horrified to learn that they are into this sewer of speech called the V-Monologues. Thank you for alerting me!  I definitely forwarded my protest!!!!



The guy that was pushed has to try find out who that woman was and go after her legally. If she was assaulted, believe me she would go after you.

Also can someone give me an update on the well being of the Catholic Priest who was arrested at Notre Dame? Is he okay and does he need anything?
Thank You,


My sister and I just saw your video clip on the TFP website.  God Bless You! I am so happy to know that there are young men like you taking the Truth to the streets and defending the Sacrament of Marriage. I am so happy that you are on God's team!

But you know what really made me swell with pride? In your interview you mentioned that as the gargantuan woman assaulted you, you turn to Our Blessed Mother for help.

That is exactly what we are called to do; to turn to Him in our time of need. You are a true Soldier of God, a true Warrior for Christ!

You're in my prayers, Elias.  Fight the good fight!

Under His Mercy,


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