Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why Children of Mary are also Friends of the Cross

    Members of America Needs Fatima, besides being Children of Mary, are also Friends of the Cross.  They go hand in hand.  All true Friends of the Cross are also Children of Mary.  All true Children of Mary are also Friends of the Cross.

    The Cross is essential for any Catholic who wishes to authentically practice their Faith. Genuine love is demonstrated by sacrifice. 

    I currently am reading an excellent yet brief work by St. Louis de Montfort titled, "Letter To The Friends of the Cross".  In this letter, St. Louis outlines what it means to be a true Friend of the Cross.

    Some might be surprised to learn that in the very opening part, St. Louis describes an essential aspect of a Friend of the Cross; the fight. 

    Let me quote St. Louis directly,"Friends of the Cross, you are like crusaders united to fight against the world; not like Religious who retreat from the world lest they be overcome, but like brave and valiant warriors on the battlefield, who refuse to retreat or even yield an inch.  Be brave and fight courageously."

    At this time of year when one reflects upon the demonic horrors of abortion, I can't help but be inspired and moved the words of St. Louis. 

    The pro-life cause is indeed a crusade, a crusade that takes place on the public battlefields.  The pro-life cause relies most essentially upon the prayers and sacrifices of those religious in convents and monasteries.  But for those of us who live in the world, we are the warriors who openly confront the evils of abortion that have become a moral scourge upon our country.  Our battlefield is the public square, whether it be participating in public square rosaries, marches for life, rosaries in front of abortion clinics,  protesting pro-abortion politicians, providing pro-life education at public events, or by guiding a person considering an abortion to a place of refuge where counseling and help can be obtained to save the life of the baby.

    Let us all, Friends of the Cross and Children of Mary, be true friends of the cross by engaging in this combat, not just on January 22nd, but throughout the entire year!

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