Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Blessed Mother to be vilely insulted in New York Theater – Urgent reparation needed!

Your presence is urgently needed at protest Rosary of reparation on March 26th at 6PM


A new play called "The Testament of Mary" will start showing at the Walter Kerr Theater in Manhattan.

Media accounts of this blasphemous play suggest it is particularly vile in its attacks on the Church and the Blessed Mother.

"Toibin the writer is at work to blast to smithereens some of the most treasured icons of the West." (Mary Gordon, "Blessed Among Women," The New York Times, 11-9-12)

In a symbolic way, the play uses Mary Most Holy herself to deny:

- the truth of the Gospels

- the Resurrection

- the Redemption

- the Church

- the divinity of Our Lord.

This is an all out attack on everything we Catholics hold sacred. We MUST NOT remain silent!

So, come and join our prayerful protest and act of reparation:

When: March 26, 6-8PM

Where: On the sidewalk in front of the Walter Kerr Theater

218 West 48th Street, New York, NY 10036

Why: To offer reparation and prayerful protest

For the love of Our Blessed Mother, please join our  protest Rosary of reparation on March 26th at 6PM.


  1. With each effort of the devil's workers to bring down the catholic church, we can be more assured that we are RIGHT!!
    This is the devil working through these people and they are only making themselves look foolish. They by their actions are assuring the world that the catholic church is THE church that Christ brought us about 2000 yrs ago! Otherwise they wouldn't pay any attention to us...

  2. evil at work and so sad, how do people feel if they love there mother and someone says vile things against her

  3. c ommend the Mother of God with vile output of a so called play is just another attack of evil, people who stand with God please pray

  4. How many of those who dishonour Mary, the Mother of our Salvation,will suffer from a very severe headache when She crushes the Head of the Infernal Spirit?