Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A strong showing from the Catholic Militant: Protests against blasphemy in Los Angeles and New York

How many of us can remember where we were and what we were doing over any given Labor Day weekend in our lives?

Well,twenty-one intrepid souls from America Needs Fatima’s New York City area, led by twenty men of the American TFP’s Student Action campaign and their Holy Guardian Angels band will be hard pressed to forget where they were this past Labor Day weekend of Sunday, September 1, at 2 PM.

Instead of joining their countrymen in the enjoyment of a legitimate national “day off” from the stress of working to support themselves, these modern day Friends of the Cross stood proudly out in the public square protesting the outrageously blasphemous movie Paradise:Faith

Protest NOW! They were inspired to come,a few from over 100 miles, by wholesome indignation at the incessant, not-for-profit insults and degradations (these blasphemies are not produced with a profit motive and seldom even break-even) made against Our Lord, Our Lady,and anything Catholic.

The Catholic Church’s beloved priesthood was well represented by Father Christopher Salvatori. His arrival bolstered our intrepidity and we all felt cleansed of the film and refreshed when, just after the protest, he gave us all his priestly blessing right there on the sidewalk.

Paradise Faith Protest LA 2

Much of the enthusiasm of our New York City rally of reparation had been earned and sparked through the Communion of Saints by another
twenty-one of our wonderful America Needs Fatima members in Los Angeles, who, five days earlier, with only two days notice, protested the same vile film at a theater in West Hollywood. Led by American TFP member Michael Whitcraft, these dear souls delivered this same fulminating and prayerful “rosary slap” to the face of Our Lord’s enemies in the West Hollywood section of Los Angeles.

America Needs Fatima and its anti-blasphemy network of members proudly stand alongside the brave members of the American TFP as one of their apostolic actions out in the public square of America. Stay in email contact with us at

If you would like to do more, pray these beautiful prayers of reparation:

Prayer before a crucifix

Reparations prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Fatima prayers of reparation

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