Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sales, sales, sales, black Saturday has started…meanwhile the real meaning of Christmas is tragically forgotten

Forget Black Friday, Think Black September!

by John Horvat II


In their rush to get the jump on competitors, major retailers are already starting their holiday sales offers. While shoppers are not yet lining up at box store entrances in the summer heat, they are being actively solicited by retailers with special announcements of holiday savings.

Already in late August, Toys R Us declared that it would expand its price-match guarantee to include online retailers to insure that customers get the best possible price as they gear up for “holiday shopping.”

Wal-Mart announced it will drop the $5 fee for layaway accounts and that shoppers can now begin putting eligible items on layaway on Sept. 13. Chief merchandising and marketing officer Duncan Mac Naughton said in a statement that the move was part of the retailer’s effort to deliver “more savings, more layaway items and our commitment that they [shoppers] can give their families a great Christmas on a budget.”

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