Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Sublime Meditation On The Feast Of The Most Holy Name Of Mary.

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Eight days after the birth of the Immaculate Virgin, her father and mother gathered their family and relatives into their humble dwelling. According to Jewish custom, they were to name the child that Heaven had granted them.

Although God chose to perform no external prodigies to mark the Blessed Virgin’s entrance into the world, He had chosen, from all eternity, the noble name which the Mother of the Savior was to bear. Thus, while Joachim and Anne awaited the fulfillment of their hopes with joyful impatience, the Archangel Gabriel, the great messenger of infinite mercy, visited them, revealing the blessed name the Most High Himself had reserved for their daughter.

Therefore, family deliberations around the crib where the Queen of Heaven lay smiling, were not prolonged. Without hesitation, the parents of the Blessed Virgin confirmed they would name their child “Mary.”
We shall now meditate upon the profound meanings God veiled under so sweet a name.

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