Friday, September 6, 2013

Miami Catholics Defend Jesus’ Honor in Public Act of Reparation

IMG_8514A small group of intrepid souls from America Needs Fatima’s Miami area, led by American TFP supporter Sergio De Paz, did a rally of reparation in front of the Miami Beach Cinematheque against the blasphemous film Paradise: Faith.

The movie Paradise: Faith, by Ulrich Seidl, is a terrible pornographic attack on Jesus’ crucifix.

These brave souls in the photo above delivered a fulminating and prayerful “rosary slap” to the face of Our Lord’s enemies in Miami, Florida.

Thank God, only a handful of theater patrons went to see the film, and we were gratified to have a lady employee come out to talk to us.  She said: “I want you to know that I am Catholic and I really appreciate what you are doing defending the Faith."

America Needs Fatima and its anti-blasphemy network of members proudly stand in the public square of America to defend the honor of Jesus and Mary and of our dearly beloved Catholic Faith.  Stay in email contact with us at

If you would like to do more, pray these beautiful prayers of reparation:

Prayer before a crucifix

Reparations prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Fatima prayers of reparation

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