Friday, September 13, 2013

University of San Diego doesn't seem to be aware that abortion not "consisten​t with the educationa​l values" of Catholicis​m

Last week, TFP Student Action published a piece, as well as a petition, regarding the University of San Diego (USD), which is Catholic, if only in name, and the recognition of the pro-abortion group Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ). As the piece mentions, USD has had issues in the past when it comes to being consistent with its Catholic identity, including on the abortion issue. The piece also mentions that LSRJ has had a pro-abortion presence on other campuses, including other ones which claim to be Catholic. It would seem that this group not only endangers the lives of unborn children and their vulnerable mothers, but does so while disrupting the Catholic identity of where it sets up shop.

Perhaps what is the most disturbing, though, is that while LSRJ certainly has an agenda to promote, Catholic institutions which are true in their faith should know better. However, this is what John Ritchie, the author of this piece, had to say about what happened when he wrote to the university: Read more:

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