Friday, December 10, 2010

Angels carry Holy House to safety from Muslim hordes

December 10-- The Translation of the Holy House of Loreto

The city of Loreto is located 18 miles south of Ancona and about 3 miles from the Adriatic coast of Italy.  It is here that Divine  Providence chose to have one of the most important of all Our Lady's  Shrines -- the Home of the Holy Family transported. 

Above of the door of the basilica that enshrines this Grand Relic are these words: "The whole world has no place more sacred...
For here was the Word made Flesh, and here was born the Virgin Mother..."

Although the Holy House survived constant and repeated assaults of Muslim hordes, it was left unprotected when the last of the crusaders left the Holy Land in 1291.  On the night of May 10, 1291,  God sent His angels to carry His Home to a field in Tersatto, now a part of Yugoslavia. 

The amazed populace quickly alerted the crippled parish priest, Father Georgevich, who then spent the entire evening in prayer to understand the unusual circumstance. 

In a dream, Our Lady of Good Counsel appeared to him and said:

“Know that this house is the same in which I was born and brought up.  Here, at the Annunciation, I conceived the Creator of all things. Here, the Word of the Eternal Father became Man. The altar which was brought with the house was consecrated by Peter, the Prince of the Apostles. This house has now come to
your shores by the power of God. And now, in order that you may bear testimony of all these things, be healed.  Your unexpected and sudden recovery shall confirm the truth of what I have declared to you."

Upon awakening, the sickly priest was healed.  The people of Tersatto were blessed with the Sacred Shrine for three years.  On December 10, 1294, the Blessed House took the flight of the angels over the Adriatic and landed in two small
villages before settling in Loreto where it remains today standing for so many centuries WITHOUT a foundation.

Those who are privileged to know about the Holy House of Nazareth are astounded by the numerous holy events which have taken place throughout its history.  Each event gives reason for a new veneration.

To think seriously about this Miraculous House is to ask Our Lady for great love and admiration for the private life of the Royal Family -- in particular, the obedience of Our Lord to St. Joseph and Our Lady. 

We ask Our Lady for the grace of total dependence on her.

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