Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 23 -- St. John Cantius

St. John Cantius, also known as St. John Kenty, was born in Poland in 1403.  Early in life, he distinguished himself at Cracow University as a scholar of great ability and industry.

Ordained in 1421, he was firmly grounded in the writings and spirituality of St. Augustine.  His modesty and virtue were evident by his large number of followers.  His love of the Holy See drew him to Rome four times, on foot and alone, while his devotion to the Passion of Our Lord led him to Jerusalem hoping to gain a martyr's crown by preaching to the Turks.

Both in the classroom and in the pulpit, St. John was an implacable defender of the Faith and enemy of heretics, reminding all to "fight all heresies".

St. John never lost an opportunity to bring the Gospel to the poor and to the nobility.  He understood well the necessity of directing the higher classes for it is to them that God gave the vocation of leadership.  The nobility has the position to influence society: they are responsible for the formation of those under their care.

By the time of his death in December of 1473, many considered him to be very holy.  Surely his knowledge and wisdom sought a covenant with holiness.

Let us ask St. John Cantius to see heresy, even in its most disguised forms and to fight against it with wisdom and knowledge.

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