Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 27 -- St. John the Evangelist

We often hear St. John called the "Beloved Apostle".   In studying his life we see why.

St. John's lineage was from the House of David.  Therefore, he was a flesh relative of both Our Lord and Our Lady.

However, St. John's virginity was the factor that brought him into Our Lord's confidence and friendship. So much so  that Our Lord permitted him to rest his head on His shoulder and allowed him to hear the beatings of the Most Sacred Heart.  What manifestations of love, and also the anticipations of the sorrows of the Passion he must have heard!

Then, Our Lord granted him another incomparable gift -- to a virginal disciple He gave His Most Virgin Mother.  Is there anything greater?  But there is something that is not often mentioned which deserves our attention. 

St. John distinguished himself as a counter-revolutionary by defending one of the first heresies which denied that the Father and Son were co-substantial.  In other words, St. John was the precursor of all those who combat heresy through history.

Let us ask St. John to be counted among those who fight without quarter against today’s errors.  Perhaps our wish to defend the Church will earn the reward of having Our Lady with us always as St. John did.

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