Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This saint-bishop was expelled from his church and left to die on the roadside

              December 15 -- St. Valerian

St. Valerian was the bishop of Abbenza in North Africa (377-457).   Nevertheless, he was expelled from this town by fanatical Arian heretics for refusing to surrender the sacred vessels of his church. 

The heretics persecuted the holy bishop by not allowing him shelter nor rest on private lands.  He gained his crown of martyrdom after being driven out of the city and left on the roadside to die of exposure.

Faithful Catholics today are also persecuted.  They are silently marginalized in society.  This silent rejection affects those who follow Christ in the 21st century.

Ask Our Lady to strengthen our convictions so we become more dedicated than ever to our Holy Catholic faith and are ready to suffer any consequence as a result.

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