Monday, December 13, 2010

This saint had her eyes plucked out

               December 13 -- St. Lucy

St. Lucy was born in Sicily in the year 283.  Although her family was rich and noble, she chose to devote her life to God by taking a vow of virginity and by distributing her wealth to the poor.  As a result, a pagan suitor denounced her to the Governor who was then persecuting Christians for the Emperor Diocletian.


She was condemned to prostitution but through the grace of God became so immovable that a team of oxen could not budge her.   Then she was set on fire and the flames did not touch her.   Her eyes were plucked out only to be fully restored by an act of God.  Finally, she won her martyrdom when the persecutors put a sword through her throat.

Lucy means "light" and also, "clear", "radiant", "understandable".  St. Lucy is the patroness of the blind. 

Ask St. Lucy for the "light" to see clearly the Truth of the Holy Catholic Faith in these confused times, to see evil clearly and to understand how to fight against it most efficaciously.

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