Friday, December 24, 2010

December 25 – Christmas Day

Today is Christmas, one of the most celebrated feasts of the Holy Catholic Faith.

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All of Christendom should be contemplating  this Holy Birth.  One week ago, we celebrated the Expectation of Our Lady, the day we think about how Our Lady anticipated the great day of the birth of her Son.

On Christmas, this great day has arrived.  She carried Him in her maternal womb as in a Tabernacle; it was a profound relationship;  Mother and Son knew each other in the greatest possible intimacy.

Now the moment has come when she would see her Son face to face.  What an extraordinary joy and love must have resulted! 

The angels sang canticles of jubilation and man and nature knew that history would mark this glorious event.  St. Joseph adored God, his adopted Son, Who now fulfilled the prophecies of the Gospel.  St. Joseph gazes at this Divine Child , his God and the God of all men.  The sanctity of the Divine Child illuminates the entire surroundings.  The Light of Christmas emanates light for all to see and to adore.

How different is this explanation from the depiction of most Christmas cards, where the Christ Child is shown as a simple Child devoid of the Divine mentality which constitutes the Divine Person -- or worse!

We reject these modern aberrations and ask Our Lady and St. Joseph to give us a profound understanding of the Person of the Christ Child so that we may celebrate Christmas as they did.

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