Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dec. 18, 2010 – Day of Dishonor in America’s History

Today, the Senate voted to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and to allow homosexuals to openly serve in the armed forces.

This is a deeply sad and tragic day for America and for our military. 

It is a symptom of a profound moral crisis, and some Americans believe that someday a new political party will eventually change this.  It is a dangerous illusion to think that any man or political movement can resolve the present crisis we are facing.

Not only are homosexual “marriages” unable to replace the natural family, which is of divine creation, but they are the enemy and antithesis of the family -- the organic cell of the social body which penetrates with vigor all the social organisms’. 

To reform our society today, we must begin with the restoration of the notion of good and evil in souls, and the rebuilding of the Christian family.

After the fall of decadent and sinful Rome, the barbarian hordes swept across Europe murdering, pillaging, and destroying everything in their paths.  These barbarians with dyed hair, tattoos, and pierced bodies’ lived without moral guidelines.  Europe was in chaos.

It was only when the Catholic Church converted these barbarians to the faith that they understood the importance of obeying God laws.  Eventually, out of this chaos came the conversion of Clovis and the Franks; hence the country of France was born which singled the birth of Christian Civilization.

Unfortunately mankind is falling back to the immoral and unnatural lifestyle of the Romans and the unruly customs of the barbarians.

The solution for the present situation is the same as the one from the past.  The Mother of God in 1917 appeared at Fatima purposely to give us this solution- prayer, penance and an amendment of life.

With the celebration of the birth of Christ approaching it would do well for us to contemplate on the true meaning of Christmas.

We know that with Christmas begins the defeat of sin and death and, if we choose, the beginning of a path that will lead us to Heaven.

This truth becomes clearer when we read in scripture that on the night of Our Lord’s birth the angels were heard singing “Glory be to God in the highest and peace be to men of goodwill.” Who were these “men of goodwill” the angels were referring to? They were the ones on earth who were doing the will of God.

God could have, but purposely, didn’t allow a warm place for the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph to reside awaiting the birth of the child Jesus, this was symbolic, because he wanted all the generations to come to offer a warm place in their hearts for them to reside. 

The day mankind does this, then and only then, will the true peace of Christ come to the earth.

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