Friday, December 10, 2010

Blasphemous homoerotic video pulled by the Smithsonian is on YouTube – PROTEST NOW

It made national news when the Smithsonian pulled a homoerotic video, made by homosexual and lesbians, that showed ants crawling all over a crucifix of Our Lord Jesus Christ, part of an exhibit called "A Fire in My Belly" at The National Portrait Gallery.


But a slightly altered version of that same video has been posted on YouTube by a company called by Semiotext(e), a publishing firm that says it received a notice last week from YouTube that it was on 6 months probation for failing to meet YouTube's "community standards."

Send your instant protest message here.

After Catholic News Service published a story with news that a differently edited segment of the video was posted on YouTube, YouTube took the version on its website down, saying the film violated its policy on sexual content and nudity.

However, the video was soon back up with an age restriction statement that allows people over 18 years old to see the blasphemy.

The revised version of the homoerotic blasphemy video is, in some aspects, even worse than the original. For example, the new version contains some very graphic sexual activity, which is too disgusting to mention here.

Send your instant protest message here.

Please protest LOUD and CLEAR. (Peacefully and prayerfully too!!!)

A copy of your message will also be forwarded to Semiotext(e), so they can experience the just reaction of thousands of people who are disgusted with so much immorality and public offense against Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Your voice is powerful because it is the voice of TRUTH.

And please remember, the initial video was canceled at the Smithsonian because good people like you stood up and said "enough is enough!"

So please voice your peaceful and prayerful rejection of this new video on YouTube now.

Send your instant protest message here.

YouTube Contact Information:

(Please be polite yet firm when speaking to people at YouTube.)

YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: 650-253-0000 then press 0 to talk to a live person
Fax: 650-253-0001

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