Thursday, October 1, 2009

An excellent idea from a rosary rally captain in Texas

One of our volunteers spoke to a rally captain in Floresville, TX today.  This captain's rally is really going to be public square.  October 10th is the same date as the town's annual peanut parade festival.  And guess what?  The parade goes right by the rally captain's home.  She plans on having her banner set up right in her front yard for all to see.

    What an excellent idea! 

    Friday evening our dedicated volunteers who have done so much to enroll 4,250 public square rosary rally captains will participate in a Holy Hour in thanksgiving to Our Lady for giving the graces for the rally captains to take the bold step of standing up for Our Lady on Saturday October 10th.

    There is still time to sign up to become a rally captain.  We are out of banners, but you can still download supplies from this link:

    To sign up to become a rally captain you can register online at or call us at (866) 584 - 6012.

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