Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rally Captains send inspiring reports

The emails and reports just keep coming in.  Here are some brief but inspiring reports.  Some had very good attendance such as Elidia from Texas.  Some like Anthony received favorable publicity. Some like Joy from Texas and Rita from Minnesota vigorously confronted the cold, and held their rallies with their rosaries and their heads held high attracting the attention and admiration of passersby.

Joy from Texas wrote, “There was a sudden overnight drop in temperature with heavy dark clouds and a damp chill. Only 4 attended; however, we brought much attention with the banner and a statue of Our Lady. We prayed all of the rosaries, all of the prayers and sang all of the hymns.”

Josie from New Jersey wrote, “Forty people attended despite the rain… from the ages of 3 to 87. May Our Lady touch all the hearts of those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Her beloved Son and Her Immaculate Heart.”

Anthony wrote that 20 attended his rally and a photo and story were published in the local newspaper about the rally.

Elidia from Texas wrote to us that 60 people attended her rally.

Rita from Austin, Minnesota wrote, “We held our first rosary crusade in Austin. There were twenty of us present. It was 32 degrees out.”

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