Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Lady answers rally captains prayer after he does 4th monthly rosary rally

Dear Mr. Ritchie:

Back in August, you had suggested that since we were having tremendous financial difficulties and no luck landing a job, I should do a monthly rosary rally and, as one of the intentions, ask to obtain employment and a solution to our financial woes.

So we started doing the monthly rosary rally.   The national rally on October 10 was our fourth rally.  

We were undergoing enormous stress due to dwindling savings and lack of side jobs to keep us going.

Plus, my wife has been struggling to build a home based business selling a unique nutritional product so that we could eventually be freed up to dedicate more energies to Our Lady.

I would help her as time permitted, but we are far from relief.  I for example had been doing and re-doing my resumé and sending it out to a variety of job websites with no response.

Jobs were just not available and California has broken its own record for unemployment with a whopping 12.6% as of last month.

It could even be more by now.  On Thursday the 8th of October (that’s 2 times four-LOL!), I found a website listing teaching positions for a college needing a person to teach motor controls and PLC automation.

The listing said the position was available in San Bernardino but I didn’t know of any such school until I took a closer look that day and discovered the name of it.

So I got the name and phone number off the Google search engine and gave them a call asking about the position.  They connected me to the department and I left a message for the dept. director to call me.  He called me the very next morning at 7am sharp to come for an interview that very morning.

I went in and took a liking to the guy (and probably he to me) right away as he was a down to earth old school type that wasn’t tied down to conventions of bureaucratic style nonsense interviews.

Rather he was the type that sized you up and could tell right away if you were legit.  He himself had been in construction for forty years starting as a plumber and working into electrical later on. He told me to get an application packet and fill it out as soon as possible, which I did without wasting any time and had it back on his desk next day Friday the 9th of Oct.

On  Monday the 12th after the rally he called back to get my email address and said ok your in the system which meant my employment process was under way and as soon as they had completed the background check I would go in for an interview with the President of the college and then start my position.

I could not have asked for a better situation.  It was exactly the kind of position I wanted where I could apply all the knowledge and skills acquired over many years and the place is just 5 or 10 minutes from home.

Also it is a position with a certain challenge which I like.  The challenge is that a good number of the students are parolees and ex-convicts who don’t even want to be there but have to be there in order to keep their parole status regular.

Don’t ask me how they get the funding as it costs $18,000 per student for the electrical course. For some of these fellows there may certainly be reform, for others no, but I will enjoy the apostolate nonetheless of both educating them and trying to uplift their spirits so that they develop an interest in life and possibly even come to the Catholic faith.

So therefore, I am grateful to Our Lady for a handsomely generous answer to prayer.

T.R. Rally Captain in San Bernadino, CA

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