Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stories from the public square rosaries that took place last Saturday, October 10th.

    Here are some more stories and accounts from the public square rosaries that took place last Saturday, October 10th.

    Here is an account from Rochester, NY:  

"The public square rosary went  very  well...there were about  25-30  people. The day was  splendid...the rosary was prayed  in  English,  Spanish  and Italian.

    Father Tony  Mugavero  joined us.

    Our rally was held in Rochester,  NY."

    This next account is from York, PA:   

"God bless you and the work that you do.  Our rally was held in York, Pa.  It was on East Market St., in front of  Outback Steakhouse and across from Giant Supermarkets.  It started on time at 12 noon.  We had 32 people, including Mr. and Mrs. Fragelli,  Fernando Santos, Michael Whitcraft, and Michael Shibler.  Mr. Frank Zambito and Charles Laczkoskie were captains."

    Here is an account from a rally captain who didn't mention the location of his rally, nevertheless it is a brief but beautiful story:   

" I went to city hall some days before the public square rosary and I asked them if it was all right to say the Rosary on the City Hall porch and they said yes.  I got 10 people to come."

    A final account for today from Brackett, WI:   

" Members of St. Raymond of Penafort Parish, Brackett, WI held a public square rosary.  We are a rural parish covering a large area in three counties.   We have long distances to travel to get to church, so when I introduced the Rosary Rally to our Parish Council, I was greeted with skepticism, and "Do you think anyone will come?"  If we only had 10, I would be grateful.  This was our first attempt, and 25 people gathered on a very cold, windy day to plead our case before God through Mary.  We passed out blankets, caps, and gloves to those who were less prepared for the weather.  The banner held up beautifully between two permanent posts along Hwy 53 south of Brackett, WI.  We did not get a picture, but if you use your imagination, you can see us by the banner, and maybe even hear our enthusiastic voices.   We are looking forward to another rally next year, even if it's snowing.  God bless you in your work.    Veronica"

More to come tomorrow.

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