Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rally Captains Overcome Trials to Prove Love for Our Lady

This year's public square rosary rally was a trial for some rally captains. 


Why?  Because of the sudden cold weather which lessened attendance at some rallies.


    Do not be discouraged!   Those who braved the cold, the freezing rain, the snow and the diminished turnout, have proven to Our Lady that their love for Her is greater than their own comfort.

    Our Lady looks for souls who lover Her more than anything, not those who lover Her only when things go well.  She looks for those who join Her in suffering the passion of these wicked times. 

    Of course there were participants who had legitimate health concerns that made it too dangerous for them to be out, but in those cases we learn that they prayed their rosaries in union with us in their homes at 12:00 noon.

    Our Lady puts us through trials to see if our love for Her is authentic and deep, or only mediocre or even superficial.  To brave the bad weather was one way of showing the depths of fidelity to Our Lady.

    If you haven't read the account of Gedeon in the Old Testament, I highly recommend reading it.  Our Lord wanted to show Israel that it was His power that brought the Israelites victory and not theirs.  To prove this he reduced the number of soldiers to just 300, a handful compared to the enemy.  Of course you can guess the ending since God's word is always true.  The 300 Israelites defeated the enemy even though there were thousands of them.

    Our Lady as the Mediatrix of All Graces wishes to do the same with us.  She wants us to see what Her grace can do with the petitions of smaller numbers.  Just as Israel was saved by the 300, so also can Christian Civilization be restored by the thousands compared to millions in our country.

    If you would like to read about Gedeon it is in Judges, Chapter 7.

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