Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rally captain from El Cajon, Ca, sends report, pictures

Dear Robert Ritchie,

This is a little note I sent to those who attending our Public Square Rosary. 


My friend who took the photos e-mailed them to me and I sent them on to the others.  There are many photos in the attachments.  I also sent you a little story (read below) about our experience as you requested on your request site. These photos go with that story.


Thank you for organizing this nationally.  You are very special to  Our Lady!

God bless you.

P. H. ( Rosary Captain  for St. Ephrems in El Cajon, Ca.)

Subject: Fw: Rosary Rally Pics


Hello to all you courageous, faithful prayer warriors who attended a Public Square Rosary Rally today.  Your love for God and your country was manifested and I'm sure Our Lord and Our Lady are well pleased.


I just wanted to say a special thanks to those who attended the rosary rally at St. Ephrem, Mother of Life Shrine today.  We had about 45  prayerful participants.  Thank you to all who pitched in to make this event so blessed.  


Fr. Nabil gave us encouraging words, led us in the Litany to the Blessed Mother and in the Rosary at the Shrine and at the busy intersection of Navajo and the I-125. Please keep Father in your prayers, as he is recovering from an operation. Although still weak, he wanted to be there with us today, leading his flock.  A big thank you to father and God bless him and heal him.


Thank you also to Deacon George Ghosen and Deacon Treadwell who also took part in leading the Rosaries.

Thank you to Mary Hills who did a wonderful job photographing the event and to Zeina (happy birthday) and David Tovey who led us in the lovely Marian hymns.

Thank you to all of you who participated in carrying the beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima and the banner carriers who let the public know why we were there.  Thank you to Elizabeth Crucitt and granddaughter Carol Ann who served refreshments and Kathy Kane who helped with the programs.  Thanks to all of you  who took the effort to invite others to come.

Although events in the secular world can look quite discouraging, all the prayed rosaries of this day has surely advanced the Kingdom of God in the spiritual battle before us.

There was interest expressed, that with the upcoming election in 2010,  and with the continuing moral crisis, that the public praying of the rosary for America once a month (on a smaller scale than what we did today), would be one of the most valuable things we could do for our country and our families during these troubled times.

We would schedule the Rosary for the Saturday afternoon closest to the 13th of the Month, to honor Our Lady of Fatima.  Please let me know your thoughts on this.


P. H. ( St. Ephrem Sanctity of Life Group)

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