Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rosary Rally at St. Francis De Sales Oratory

Over 100 People attend Rosary Rally in South St. Louis.

The day began with Holy Mass, offered at a special time (11:00AM) thanks to Canon Wiener. Afterward the Rally started off with a blessing from Canon Apple, who was in attendance with Canon Wiener, and all of the residents of the Rectory.

We prayed all 15 decades of the Rosary, the Divine Praises, the Litany of Loretto, the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady and finally the Consecration to Our Lady by St. Louis De Montfort, not to mention the hymns we prayed in between the prayers.

Our numbers have increased with each year, maybe next year we can top 200 people! This Rally at St. Francis De Sales Oratory was one of over 4000 held throughout America today, and one of at least a dozen held in the St. Louis area.

The Rally ended with a hymn to Our Lady and a plea for her prayers. As with each of the past years, Rally attendees did not appear to want it to end. When all of the prayers were completed, many prayer warriors stood on the corner sharing joyful conversation about the Rosary Rally and the True Hope of our Faith.

This is an annual event, so if you weren't one of the 110, then plan on joining us next year.  Mark your 2010 calendar for the second Saturday in October and bring a friend!

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