Thursday, October 8, 2009

The devil is working overtime to disrupt the rosary rallies

The devil does not want the Public Square Rosaries to succeed.  Throughout the campaign our volunteer office has been plagued with computer problems, shipping problems and phone problems. 

    This week has been particularly trying.  One of our key people with the campaign went home ill this morning. The phone system has been acting up all week and our very skilled technician has not been able to repair it as of yet.  Our internet system has been down as well.  According to the provider it has been out in our whole area.

    The devil understands fully well the importance of this campaign, so he will stop at nothing to cause irritations and difficulties.  I am sure that many of you also experience your share of trials leading up to this Saturday's public square rosary.

    With the help of Our Lady's grace let us also profoundly understand how important this event is.  If the devil is going to such great lengths, he must really be frightened of all of these public square rosaries.  Let us be confident of the graces that will be freely and generously distributed by Our Lady on Saturday and, let us ask Our Lady to become Her heel as She crushes Lucifer and the fallen angels.


  1. Dear Robert:

    My air conditioning system has been trying to go out all week. When it froze, my computer was not working because of the heat. We are limping along until Monday, but we are going right on with our Rosary Rally tomorrow on the parking lot (next to a busy highway) of St. Edwards Catholic Mission in Fishville, Louisiana.

  2. For sure the devil is working querens quem devorat. We must be happy that we are troubling his snares.
    Saint Michael, pray for us!