Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Only three days to the 4,319 rosary rallies

    There are just three days until the 3rd annual public square rosary that will take place all across our nation with 4,319 rallies and counting! 

    As we prepare for this important event, let us take the time to reflect on how important this event really is. 

Sometimes when we are so busy it is easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the big picture. 

    Picture this, think of a map of the United States, imagine all of the dots that will mark the sites of rallies.  Think of the tens of thousands who will be leading and participating in these rallies. 

    Some of the rallies will be in perfect weather.  Other rallies will be in cooler weather.  Some rallies will be windy, some may have rain, some may even have snow.

    Those who are a part of these rallies will be all sorts of souls.  There will be the young, even the very young.  There will be parents accompanied by their families.  There will be the elderly for whom it is a great sacrifice to get out.  There will even be those who suffer physical maladies, who love Our Lady so much despite their trials and difficulties.

    There will be large rallies, sometimes containing hundreds.  There will also be rallies that will be very small, sometimes put on and attended by a single person. 

    There will be towns and cities that may have a number of rallies.  There will also be towns and cities where there will only be one rally.

    There will be rallies where a lot of support from pastors, friends and family have given much encouragement.  There will also be rallies where support was difficult to obtain, if at all.  Some rally captains may even suffer mockery for their brave venture. 

    There will also be hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions who will witness these rallies as they drive by.  Each one of those souls will be touched with a grace from Our Lady, because of the bravery and devotion of the rally captains.

    How many of these millions will become better Catholics because of your rally?  How many fallen away Catholics will receive the grace to begin the journey back to their faith?  How many souls mired in sin, may begin the path of repentance because of your rally?  How many who are not Catholic, may receive the graces to begin the thorny path to conversion because of your rally? 

    You won't know the full scope of the immense importance of your rallies until the day of judgement.  Only then will you receive the gratitude of those who were led on the path of grace because of your actions. 

    How Our Lady will intercede for all who organized rallies and who participated in rallies.  All of us are sinners, yet when Our Lord holds the scales of justice, Our Lady will remind Her Divine Son that this person held a public square rosary in Her honor.

    There is so much good that is going to take place because of the public square rosaries.  It is good for all of us to reflect upon this great public act of veneration. By reflecting on the importance of this event, we can be inspired to put even more effort into it.  We will pray more fervently at our rallies if we understand how important the rallies are.

    May Our Lady send Her angels to assist all of you with your rallies!  You can be assured of our prayers here at America Needs Fatima.

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  1. I attended the rally today in Wauwatosa (Milwaukee), WI, at the Fatima Shrine. It was well-attended considering it was a very cold, windy, cloudy day. There were probably about 50 people, I'm guessing. Thank you for organizing these! What a blessing to pray for our nation in the public square, and to reflect on Our Lady's message of Fatima. God bless you!