Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miami rosary rallies covered the city

Our Rosary Rally in Coral Gables was extremely blessed.

Present were dozens of devout Fatima followers, mostly members of America Needs Fatima.  They all said YES to Our Lady's call.


Being Saturday, hundreds of cars and busses loaded with tourists from all over the world were sight seeing in "Coral Gables the Beautiful," as is known.

Our Lady amplified the beauty of everything to the highest degree imaginable for the rallies.

My wife went to cover for the rally captain in Hialeah who could not do it at the last minute.


She told me they had a great gathering.  For example, one family was on their way to Kendall for a Rosary rally there, but upon seeing hers, they came around, parked and prayed with the Hialeah group.  " Why fight traffic" they said, "this one is fine."


Will be sending in reports on other rallies as I receive them from the other local captains.


I am sure that Our Lady rained Her Graces all over America yesterday.

Thanks to Her, America has hope!

SDP, Miami

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