Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Now that the 2009 Public Square Rosary has ended, what now?

    The public square rosary is not an end, but a beginning.  The graces from the public square rosary should inspire us to do more for Our Lady throughout the entire year. These graces can provide us with greater enthusiasm and strength for the next year's rally.  I am sure that those of you who have held rallies since the beginning, felt stronger and more resolute for your rally this year.  In other words, your internal convictions about the importance of the public square rosary became more solid and more focused.

    The public square rosary should inspire us all to do more for Our Lady.  Perhaps we can begin some new actions for Our Lady.  Some may be inspired to hold monthly public square rosaries, some may begin praying the family rosary; some may resolve to pray all of the mysteries of the rosary each day, instead of just five. Some may receive Holy Communion every day, or go to confession more regularly; some may visit the Blessed Sacrament more often, or even make a weekly Holy Hour; some may become more involved in pro-life activities or other apostolates that defend and promote the moral teachings of the Church.  Some of you may even consider traveling as a volunteer to Kansas next summer to help enlist rally captains for 2010.

    Some rally captains may already be performing many of these good acts. If we reflect, all of us can do more for Our Lady.  In order for all of us to take full benefit of the graces of this campaign let us all resolve to do more for Our Lady throughout the year. 

    The public square rosary is not only for the general public, but for us as well.  By acting as rally captains or participants, we are called by Our Lady to grow nearer to Her by our own repentance and by our increased prayer life.  Our Lady gave each rally captain the grace to become a rally captain, and with that grace comes a responsibility.  Our lives as Catholics should correspond to the elite task with which Our Lady has entrusted us.

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