Monday, October 5, 2009

"Atomic" bomb of the Catholic Church: True Devotion to Mary


Trying to reach Jesus Christ without Our Lady, on the false pretext that Our Lady is an obstacle between us and her Divine Son, is as ridiculous as trying to see the stars thinking
that the telescope is an obstacle between us and the stars.

Knowing this, one must ask, “What is the right devotion one should have to Our Lady in order to see Our Lord better?”
The “Apostle of Mary,” Saint Louis de Montfort (1673–1716), has given us the answer in True Devotion to Mary.

This short, divinely inspired book maps out the spiritual
way to Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary’s hands. The saint teaches us that there is no better way to advance in holiness,
no better way to please God, and no better way to guarantee one’s eternal salvation than the True Devotion to Mary.

The saint boldly says the True Devotion to Mary is the shortest,
easiest and most perfect way to which we are all called. Saint Louis de Montfort explains the wonderful spiritual effects that the
True Devotion to Mary brings about in a person’s life, leaving the reader with no doubt that this devotion provides the key to  sanctity and salvation.

Saint Louis de Montfort says Our Lady has been showered with so many graces that she is able to give those graces in abundance to
any who ask her.

Shouldn’t we learn how best to ask Our Lady for all that we need?

True Devotion to Mary, considered widely as the greatest single book ever written about the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a must-have bedside book for all those wishing to grow in knowledge and love of Our Lady.

216 pages, softcover.
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