Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Florida Captains score big in this year's Rosary rallies

Dear Robert,

Here's the pictures one of our dedicated members of our prayer group, J. Coplan took at our first Rosary Rally. 


We just got our feet wet but next year we will do more to attract more people to join us. 

We all felt blessed to be a part of such a great rally.  Thanks for the opportunity to pray for  our country.


Love and God's richest blessing on you and your organization, Nancy M.

PS -- Message from J. Copland:

I wanted to share the couple of pictures I took of our group "Praying for America"

What wonderful experience it was and so great to be there.  I think of all the prayers that might have been said by people just seeing us there!

How great it was to have Ron and Dave there to pray with us.

Let's start planning for next year to do it again next year!

God bless you Nancy for getting this off the ground! 

Bless bless all our you!



In Hialeah, Fl. (Miami) we were 7 persons, with me and my wife.

We do not have any photos yet, since the photos were taken by another person, and he did not send to me yet.

But it was fabulous, and great!  The signs were in English and Spanish.    


F.G and wife


A report on our Rosary Rally here in Lake City,Fl. We had 30 people.  Everything went very nicely.

It was the first time for every one here and I am hopeful that each one is committed on returning next year.

Thank you and God bless you.
J. W., Rally Captain


Approximately 50 in attendance in a light rain on Saturday which was also the day of the #1 and #4 football teams competition in Baton Rouge.




Hi, my name is Karen K. and I was the captain in central Florida.

We decided to have the Rosary said at  Phillippe Park in Safety Harbor ..We said it next to the boat dock where boats and people came and went loading and unloading their boats.  There were also a few jet skiers. 

We are all from the St. Petersburg/ Pinellas Park area.  There were 18 people present plus 2 children. 20 in all. Some people preferred not to be in the picture.  I am the one on the left side squatting holding up the banner. 

We put up blue balloons on 3 trees since Mary usually wears blue.  We started about 12:05 and it was raining before we had started.  We all had our umbrellas up.  When we started the Rosary the rain stopped (after we were soaked ). 

Then we all had lunch and after we finished lunch it decided to rain again.  We just said to each other "well it decided to rain just like it did in 1917. " The cute little lady in the blue chair in the center behind the word "PRAYING" is 95 years young.

We had a fantastic time and have decided to do this every few months since we enjoyed ourselves so much.  I am looking forward to next year in "Keeping Fatima Alive". 

Attached are 2 pictures.  The third one came out blurry so I deleted it.


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