Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rally Captains send reports and pictures

We had our rosary rally Sat. at 1pm.  This is the 2nd year that I have lead it at Woodstock City Park.  We line up along the sidewalk on a busy road that is at the light.  This year we only had 25 including 3 young children.  I was quite disappointed as last year we had between 30-50 people. 

I will try to get the pictures that one of the girls took and forward them to you.  I am not sure if I sent the ones from last year? I had one guy come from 45-1hr drive away, he said he found my name on the web site.   I hope there was a good turn out across the country.



Dear Robert,

Our Lady was really praised and venerated today in Jensen Beach.  We had 50 participants in our Rosary Rally for which I am so grateful.  We have been really blessed.

I will mail you the list of participants on Monday.

God bless you,

I. G. Wilson, SFO


Hi Mr. Ritchie,

We had our Rosary Rally Saturday.   It was a disappointing crowd – only three of us, but we said the prayers and the Rosary.  Hope all is well with you.   Tell Kevin I said “hi”.

A.M. Gunderman


Here is a picture of the rosary rally in corona CA we had about 16 people attend it was a breath of fresh air to see the people come together for the good of our nation.


We need to stand together more often.  Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

     Jennifer F.


Our Rosary Rally was held in front of St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church and around the Church Square on Main Street. When we began the Rosary, it was drizzling.


Before long the weather cleared up a little, and we were able to process around the Church Square.  About 35 people attended. We were very disappointed, but with a forecast of 80% chance of rain, I guess that kept a lot of people home.


Anyway, everything went well. We left the banner up on the front lawn, so everyone that passes on Main Street will be able to see it. K and G Douet


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