Friday, October 2, 2009

What about spiritual healthcare?

During Our Lady's September 13th apparition She made a request, no actually it is in a command form.


She said, "Pray, pray much, and make sacrifices for sinners, for many souls go to hell because there is no one to sacrifice and pray for them."

    This is what the public square rosary is about.  With a child's understanding of the catechism it is readily observable that the overwhelming majority of mankind today are in danger of losing their souls. 

    Sadly, today many do not believe in hell, or have the foolish notion that no one really goes there.  Our Lady's words are the proof of hell and that, many souls go there.

    There is much talk today about healthcare. What about spiritual healthcare?  Is not the soul more important than the body?  Today, who mentions the care of the soul? 

    Of course we should be concerned as Catholics with assisting our neighbor with his/her physical needs.  But, bad health or disability will not keep one from heaven. Perfect health in a person in a state of mortal sin, will definitely keep such a person out of heaven.  It is better to enter heaven with eyes or limbs missing than to spend all of eternity in hell in perfect physical condition.  Once in heaven all of one's defects are corrected.  Once in hell one will suffer the eternal breakdown of one's being.

    Let us take Our Lady at Her words.  During our public square rosary let us show how much we really care about the eternal health of our neighbor by showing Our Lady our fervor.  Let us with great seriousness and reflection sing the hymns, pray the rosary, and recite all of the prayers in the program.   

    If you have not received your rally captain manual yet, you can download it in either English or Spanish by clicking on this link:

    If you have not signed up yet to become a rally captain there is still time!  You can email us through our website at or call us at (866) 584 - 6012. 

    Volunteers are standing by anxious to receive your call!

    For more inspiration,  like to read and reread what St. Joan of Arc told the French army: "For God to be on our side, we must first be on His side."

    How few there are today who are on God's side.  Our Lord and Our Lady look for allies across our nation, and sadly, see very few. 

    Let us resolve to be on God's side with our public square rosary.  On that day at least, Our Lord will see that across our entire nation there are tens of thousands who do wish to be on His side. 

    The public square rosary can be the beginning of our entire nation moving towards God's side.

    I am confident that as with the France of the 15th century, if we join God's side, that He will bless our nation just as He blessed France as long as she remained faithful. 

    Sadly, history shows us that France did not remain faithful over the centuries.  Nevertheless, St. Joan did her duty before God.  As our country faces a great crossroads, let us do our duty as Catholics before God and publicly pray that our nation chooses God's side.

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